Winter is Here

  • The Animal Clinic continues to serve numerous animal patients every day
    Spay and neuter programs continue. Many new dogs surrendered to KAS recently have been spayed this week. All spayed and neutered dogs are recovering well. Now the other few remaining will be spayed the next week as well
  • All ABC kennels are full with a few inpatients and rescues
  • It’s getting cold here and we are ensuring all our Shelter cats and dogs are kept warm
  • Blankets and bowls are already placed for the dogs to help them fight the winter weather. (for the sick we will place hot water bags) We are using bowls here too like at Help In Suffering, Jaipur. Big bowls so that dogs can fit in there. These bowls were gifted to the dogs last year by a few and they have been of great use
  • The Animal Care Day i.e., on Monday went all right with more follow ups on new dogs with skin problems.

Thank you for your ongoing support
Best wishes,
The KAS Team

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