Dear Ma’am,

On the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic effect whole of the country has been in a state of lock down.

Under such Circumstances, the whole of Darjeeling Animal Shelter team sat down in two different dates that is on 19 th and 23 rd of March 2020 regarding how to carry on with the shelter activities in the coming days with utmost care and precautions.

Followings are the key points we have come up with which I am forwarding here to you.

  1. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 is from human to human contact or crowd and is highly contagious, DAS team have decided to attend only the emergency cases or rescues.
  2. ABC programme shall be kept on halt for few days until the situation is under control.
  3. Since the virus is highly prolific in the immune compromised person especially those above 60 years of age we are pretty worried for our senior staff Raju Rai ( kennel cleaner & dog food cock).
  4. Government of West Bengal has passed notice for the complete lock down of those every single medium where there are high chances of virus transmission ( if present!) such as all private and government vehicles, shops  malls schools offices and various institutions. Under such circumstances Wangayl Tamang( driver) won’t be able to come to work from his home. Also myself ( Furmit) won’t be able to get to the shelter on a regular basis. Wangayl and I have been traveling in the public transport which is very unsafe currently! Dr. Mihir and Nareen will be available at the shelter.Also Rudra and Raju daju will come on alternative basis. All these are particularly planned keeping in mind to minimise the gathering as ,IPC 144 has been implicated taking actions against any public gatherings mere than 7!

All these steps have been planned and I earnestly request you to look into the matter of great concern.

Looking forward to your response.

Stay safe. Take care.


Furmit Lepcha

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