Brief summary of work done at KAS this week.

Even in the midst of Covid-19 the Animal Shelter remained open . Thanks to the Paravets who were there on rotational shifts to treat and feed dogs.

Dr. Deo was als attended to emergency cases and helped people through phone calls and video calls . Especially those owners who couldn’t come to the animal shelter they were advised to send videos of their pet animals and according Dr.Deo prescribed medications to them .
Emergency cases were being attended at the Animal Shelter by Dr. Deo .

The flow of owners at the Dispensary was quite less normally the last month. It was at times there were more owners but the staff handled them well.

The Shelter premises were sanitised every day and  following the same till date.  Sodium Hypochlorite is used on a daily basis . Mr. DB Khawas is monitoring owners coming to the Animal Shelter and ensuring that all are coming with their masks and are not breaching the Covid-19 protocol.

All staff are having access to masks and gloves thus keeping sanitary and hygiene part as the prime focus.

From last week, Dr. Deo Prakash Pandey, Yogita Chettri and Mr.Sanjeev have started to come regularly to work . Thanks that the Animal Ambulance is provided to pick us up half way. It’s made a lot easier and safe for us to now travel now in such times. Thanks to Manager Arpan for taking care of that .

The Animal Shelter has started to restore its usual work now . ABC is thus commenced but the number of operation and owners is kept very less .( The only way to keep all safe ) We aren’t allowing owners to throng the animal shelter at this point.

Occasionally, CBP tests ( blood works) are conducted by Dr. Deo .

Catching and rescue of dogs is only happening on emergencies. Like a month back , the rescue team helped a dog belonging to the suspected family with Covid-19.

The next week, the team might have one or two rescue operation to carry out. But is very less now due to the Corona pandemic.

Sure Darjeeling would be sending the report. The last time Dr. Mihir had a word , they were out on a rescue of a wounded dog and they also were treating a few owned dogs at the Shelter.  Unlike Kalimpong Municipality, Darjeeling Municipality is visiting DGAS weekly for sanitisation of the shelter premises.

Dr. Mihir is also attending to cases through video calls of owners.

Hope this all will end soon. We’re all fine here and hope you both are doing well too.

Best wishes,

Animal Care Director,

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