Dear Trustees,

The routine work of Kas continues. ABC is taking place every week on alternate days.

Treatment of animals at Kas clinic continues.

Rescue of three dogs were undertaken by Kas team last week after complaints were made by the locals due to dog bite cases.

‌One of the dogs was from Chandralok, Bong Busty that was aggressive in nature and was being a threat to the locals as they complained the dog had bitten people but the owner was reluctant to take any step. So when this issue was brought to Kas the team made a home visit and met  the owner to raise concerns of people from the locality and also help the dog. The owner admitted that he wouldn’t be able to take care of the dog any further and that it would be good to rescue him. Now the dog is at Kas.

Another rescue call was answered by Kas team and quick action was taken to rescue the dog from Relli road causing menace in the locality. The dog was then caught and brought to Kas. Several incidents of dog bite cases were recorded by the locals there. So Kas willingly helped them.

The other rescue of the dog was carried out  at 8th Mile. The dog from there needs to be spayed.

Dr. Deo and team continue to attend to a cow case at Kumidini School, Lower Bong Busty.  The cow is down with milk fever.  The Vet made a visit with Mr.Mahesh for the three consecutive days and provided some calcium supplements. The team is still checking upon the cow and seeing how it’s responding to the treatment.

Another home visit was made by Dr. Deo last Saturday. It was an emergency call from the owner over a cow. Dr. Deo attended the case and is still doing the follow-up.

Fresh start to the week, Monday here and the Vet is busy with the ABC along with the team. Two other ParaVets are attending to animal treatment at the Dispensary.

Hope you’re all well. Have a great week ahead.

Best wishes,

Animal Care Director

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