Health camp for the Ponies

Health camp for the Ponies, a joint venture of Darjeeling Animal Shelter, the Animal Resource Department, Darjeeling Municipality, and Woofers.

Chowrasta, the most intriguing square in Darjeeling is one of the best spots to hang out, with friends, family, and children. It is thronged by many locals and tourists alike every day and the place has been an open home to many dogs and of course, the Ponies, which are used for joy rides.

The gorgeous-looking Ponies are not always in good shape, which is why this health camp was conducted so that they would have the right access to healthcare facilities including their vaccinations. Ponies suffer from a range of diseases – hoof sores, laminitis, tetanus, etc. and there is a great amount of pain caused by shoeing, which is used for protection while riding tourists or carrying loads in general.

Dr. Mihir and Dr. Deo Pandey from Darjeeling Goodwill Animal Shelter jointly with Dr. Bob from the Municipality and Dr. Sameer from ARD and Ms. Paruka from Woofers conducted an on-spot camp, wherein the stakeholders were sensitised about their upkeep, including feed, healthcare management, and vaccination. Ponies are also susceptible to rabies from dogs or any other wild animals thus, their vaccination is very crucial. The Darjeeling Animal Shelter team has been routinely following their rabies vaccination updates every year and the same was also implemented this year.

Article and photos by: Yogita