Weekly report of Kalimpong Animal Shelter (KAS) 5th-11th September

After the monsoon rain, the weather in Kalimpong is starting to clear a bit. Kalimpong Animal Shelter as usual is steady with its Projects and doing everything they can to serve the animal in and outpatients.

This week, the usual Programmes were carried out including Daily Treatment of animals, a few rescue operations and Animal Birth Control Prg.

KAS now has many litters of puppies, which are surrendered and yet to find a loving Home. We accepted around sixteen puppies’ and out of which, a few have found their forever Home. Our appeal for ‘adoption’ is posted online so that these ten litters who are already weaning can find a Home. The rest six of them are with their mother, after they start to wean, we will put them up for adoption and get the mother dog spayed.