Greyhound Ban Overturned

Although the majority of the population in NSW approved of the ban on greyhound racing, and the Premier felt strongly that greyhound racing was inherently cruel, the opposition from the greyhound industry and the Premier’s own colleagues was so noisy and effective, the ban was quickly overturned. Interestingly, for the Premier of NSW, and then his humiliating back flip, there was so much outrage at an attempt to control animal cruelty that it contributed to a slide in his popularity and he has since retired.  A subsequent report recommended the creation of a new and independent  “Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission”.  The government has just responded that it will fund this for 5 years.

The government accepts most of the recommendations in the report and (supposedly) will spend $30 million enforcing them.

Article by: Ace Bourke



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