Kalimpong Animal Shelter team made a visit to the sister shelter, Darjeeling Goodwill Animal Shelter on Monday. Mrs. Yamima, Mr. Arpan , Dr. Deo Pandey and Yogita met the team from DAS and sat down for a small meeting and discussed the work undertaken by both shelters in the time of Covid-19.

On Monday, as it was Animal Care Day at Kas, the other team members, Mr. Mahesh and Mr. Lakpa gave a good bath to two of the rescued dogs . One of them has got severe mange and we are waiting to see her recover. The team too, did some follow ups on shelter dogs for their flea treatment.

On Tuesday, some of the owned pet animals were spayed by Veterinarian, Dr. Deo Pandey and a few of the bloodworks were undertaken.

Treatment of animals continues at the shelter dispensary.

The team from Kas also rescued an old dog from town the week.

All puppies born to a beautiful furry mother who was brought all the way from Pedong by an animal lover got adopted the week. We are happy to announce that all five have found loving homes. The mother dog is alone now at Kas and is gradually trying to adjust with other dogs. She is very friendly and innocent and she will be undergoing spay soon as the Vet decides. We want to keep this dog as the shelter dog now at Kas after her spay because she has had a very good bonding with us now.

Two other puppies that were quite grown and aged about five months were recently adopted by a member from Bidhyang, Kalimpong. Mr. Arpan and Mr. DB Khawas know the adopter and say, he will very nicely take care of those puppies. These puppies were the ones who were not getting adopted at all before and it’s great now that finally they have found a good home.

On  Thursday, 27th August, 2020, the team , Mr. Mahesh and Mr. Lil from Kalimpong Animal Shelter conducted an anti-rabies vaccination camp at Pudung, Kalimpong. The camp was organised by Sukarma Navaratna Foundation. Over 70 dogs were vaccinated against rabies including some of the dogs who had their yearly vaccination follow ups.  The team handed vaccination record cards to all owners.

On the very following day, 28th August, 2020 , Kalimpong Animal Shelter team conducted another Animal Birth Control camp at Sherpa Goan, Dr. Graham’s Homes area. Fourteen dogs were sterilised by Dr. Deo Pandey and all 14 were vaccinated against rabies.

Lately, Yogita has been focusing a little on posting videos in regional language i.e., of rescued animals by Kalimpong Animal Shelter team so that people can understand well the work of KAS and Das and the importance of animals.

On Saturday, the team from Nirbak- Aryanak Siliguri visited Kas for the follow-up of some of their rescued dogs and their bloodworks. Two from the lot were brought for spay. Nirbak- Aryanak Siliguri has been actively helping street animals with rescues and on-site treatment. They too help in rescuing and releasing snakes. For the last few years, Kalimpong Animal Shelter team has been conducting Animal Birth Control camps in Siliguri along with Nirbak-Aryanak.

Have a great weekend and week ahead. Thank you for your on-going support.

Kindest regards,

Animal Care Director

Pictures of camp and Siliguri team with Mr. Lakpa and spayed dogs. 

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