KAS Dispensary has had the inflow of patients with seasonal flu. So , the staff members have been quite busy with treatment.

There are a few more new puppies added , all rescued and are now at Kas but looking for a home.  From the last lot of puppies , two got adopted to a good home. Before they were adopted, we did a background check with the owner and found it to be safe .

There are about four rescued female dogs for spay at the moment in KAS  . They will be operated soon and released post-operative care .

We visited Darjeeling Goodwill Animal Shelter and got ourselves introduced to the new Volunteer Vet, Dr. Nirali  from Mumbai who was awe-inspiring .  She’s worked with a few animal shelters in Mumbai and now working at a private clinic but still does her volunteer service in a few NGOs in Mumbai. She also worked in Manipur for a while.

Dr. Nirali visited Darjeeling Animal Shelter for four days . She didn’t accommodate herself at the animal Shelter but stayed on her own in a hotel.

She might be interested to volunteer in near future and is looking forward to that.

Yogita did her follow up with some video work and collecting some info on dogs from Dr. Mihir.  The sponsored animals are well looked after. They have had a few rescues of dogs too for which they are under observation.

Last Friday, Kalimpong Animal Shelter team conducted an ABC programme in 6th Mile where 17 dogs were spayed.

Best wishes,

Animal Care Director 

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