The Shelter team  carried out two dog rescue operations in Dr.Graham’s Homes and 5th Mile, Kalimpong.

Both of these dogs were old and ailing with demodectic mange for which they are receiving treatment and kept under observation.

There also was another rescue of a mother dog and her puppies. Looked like an abandoned dog now a stray . She’d given birth to four healthy puppies that were aged 3 months and who got adopted really quick.

Mr.DB Khawas from the animal shelter adopted two pups and the remaining two also found a good home.

The following day we had a lady from 10th Mile who came with two adorable puppies that were born to street mother.  Lucky that one got adopted on Saturday and we hope the other one finds a home at the earliest too. Her other purpose of visit was basically to seek help in rescuing some of the street dogs near CST School in 10th Mile, Kalimpong. (As she has been seeing new dogs roaming around with litters) This has further been notified and the rescue team will do the needful .

Dr. Deo had two cases of dogs with dystocia (obstructed /complicated labour) the week.  He successfully operated on those  dogs and safely delivered the pups to the owner with only one death of the offspring.

Mr. Alain and Mr. Arpan have been working on the estimate for the Cattery and have talked to Mr. Mahindra (a local residing near the animal Shelter) who’ll further inform them.

Yogita will be visiting Darjeeling Goodwill Animal Shelter this week. May be Dr.Deo and Mr.Arpan will visit too.

Best wishes,

Animal Care Director

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