Rescue of a dog with a tumour

These photos show the Darjeeling Animal Shelter team rescuing a dog from the Chow Rasta (the walkway in Darjeeling). Furmit Lepcha, manager of DAS, had received a phone call from a member of the public who was concerned that there was a street dog with such a huge tumour on her stomach and front leg, that she could hardly walk. In the photos you can see Rudra Thapa, who is both a driver and skilled handler, gently catching the dog with a net. Dr. Surabhi Sharma is also helping with the capture of the dog. Although the tumour was enormous, the dog was successfully operated, and, after a full recovery, released back on the street. The photos show her roaming at DAS before her release. She is a friendly, loving dog, so we are glad that DAS exists and the skilled team could rescue her.

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